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Voix is the artist alias of songwriting & production team, Andi Anderson and Mike Smith. Their undeniably melodic characteristic boasts elements of commercial pop with a distinctively alternative signature edge.


Their style fuses Pop and Dance and is driven by guitar-based harmony and supplemented by effortless melody, which makes for a unique musical landscape that is steadily and surely establishing itself as deeply emotionally connective and chart-worthy.


Early supporters, Stereo Stickman label Voix as “ever-immersive” describing their December 2020 single, ‘Breathless’ as “expertly produced and performed with a certain emotive, passionate softness that connects within seconds”. Brian Peel of Australia’s JOY 94.9FM has touted Voix as “ones to look out for” in 2021.


A debut year has included independently racking up more than a million streams on all platforms in 91 Countries across the world and this enterprising, independent duo are scheduled to double their efforts in 2021, releasing 12 singles in collaboration with a range of international vocalists.