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Voix is the artist alias of songwriting & production team, Andi Anderson and Mike Smith. 


Their style fuses Pop, Indie and dance and is driven by guitar-inspired harmony, topped with effortless yet familiar melody, making for a truly unique musical landscape. 


Early supporters, Stereo Stickman label Voix as “ever-immersive” describing their single, ‘Breathless’ as “expertly produced and performed with a certain emotive, passionate softness that connects within seconds”. Brian Peel From Australia’s JOY 94.9FM has touted Voix as “ones to look out for”.


They have now independently racked up more than a million streams throughout over 150 Countries  worldwide, and have recently signed a co-publishing deal with hollywood based media giants, Alcon Entertainment & Sleeping Giant Media (ASG Music Group).


2023 is set to see the duo return to releasing music with a brand new and refined sound.


Their first single of 2023, 'YOU' is out on 27.01.23. 

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